Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To Them That Have Ears, Part 2

You don't even know what questions to ask, because a created being has decided to redefine truth (to suit a preference, or impose an uncertainty on souls that happen to be seeking for reassurance).
Man always wants the last word but is happy to change the words as his "reason" allows, as cultures shift, as seasons change, etc...

But God doesn't change, isn't fallible, and is the author of truth. Truth He's allowed us to know, NOT redefine. (Your God expects /requires nothing from you; how easy, a no-cost redemption!) It's still the very same charge to us, "Yea, hath God said?" How you answer it defines a lot about your worldview and who your father us. And we believe we're so evolved WE can choose to determine God's place in our life or in the world; His world where once again He's in the world and even Christians see nothing wrong with conforming to culture's critique of our God and Savior Jesus Christ! Who has warned us of this apostasy, the falling away, this compromise with the world; of which we are commanded to come out from its baseless values, not accept it's verdict on our faith, to be separate from this "what's in it for me" contempt for all things holy.
Not even reverently fearful of being judged for their words "By your words you are justified or condemned," doesn't appeal to MODERN evangelicals, so it's simply dismissed as antiquated/out of touch with the now. Diminishing the truth, (God's) without much if any challenge in the way of so called Christians is so cowardly. Would the Apostles have just gone along to get along? Hardly! This drivel wouldn't be worth living or dying for; it's a satanically inspired heresy that destroys, not saves.

There's a reckoning coming, for us all. Our assurance lies in God's spoken, verbal propositional truths ONLY. His word does He value above His name! We have certainty because we know Him, (not because we know philosophy, psychology, aerodynamics, etc). The only needful thing is to know Him in truth. Not by us redetermining the meanings to suit our natural selves.
What have we become? Churches/Christians are rapidly becoming feeling based and experience seeking; who are or should be unrecognizable to true believers because we want His saving truth, and shall contend/defend the faith delivered once-for-all to all. It is beyond necessary to appeal to these words, and try yourself, if you be in the faith. Evidence shouldn't be lacking, you can't be uneasy or ashamed to speak your faith, or to question others of the validity of their standing. Look at what's taken place under the noses of professing evangelicals, for not analyzing critically what is meant by "their" words. Now they presume to have the right to stand on holy ground while they preside over the word of God as they deconstruct His objective truth, inserting human assumptions instead.
Absolutes are not tolerated in this view. All is open for reinterpretation, by whoever, however many want to. It's subjective, individual, changeable, altered at the slightest whim. HOW can it be believed as infallible truth statements?
While using the name of God, they are methodically erasing any attribute of His, they can't coincide with God is love, such as hate, Hell, sin, etc. They undermine the true meaning of the cross by deciding on the anchor of mythologizing to understand it's place in the Bible. Counting themselves wise, they became fools and their foolish hearts were darkened.
Can you be a Christian and believe these lies? If your depends on these doctrines being untrue, what do you have? And why does it even matter? What do you need it for? When you undermine all doctrine, you have undermined the whole Christian faith; how can this be a non-issue for anyone who claims any true relationship with Jesus Christ? To "them" Jesus isn't the only way to God, or the embodiment of truth, just an example of Jesus being the best way to live. Because what we believe isn't important, the question now becomes, "is the way of Jesus still the best way to live?" It's not about who's right anymore, but about who's doing good for others/living rightly? Christianity is being subjected to being/doing (a works gospel).

If the idea of "Hell" for instance is ridiculous, why did Jesus teach it? Implicit in this reunderstanding is calling God "divine child abuser" just because you don't love God back, but because He loves you; he can't bear to be mean and punish you, it's only a tactic to get you to behave better while you're here. Because if human parents who "love" their children use such ultimatums it produces the most dysfunctional families. Hell is just used to motivate you to stop sinning. Just a harmless threat. And it's not necessary to know who Jesus is or the precise nature of what He's done for us to be "included" --universalism reigns here-- No one's going to hell anyway, so I guess it's not important! God is too gracious, loving, merciful to do anything so contrary to Himself as send anyone to Hell. Jesus is saving the world and all on it, planet earth and all. He's redeeming the stars, planets, ecosystem, whole thing?!? Not to worry! Be happy!
Wow. This whole thought process is frighteningly conducive to the world worshiping the lie (Romans 1:18; 2nd Thessalonians 1:9; Luke 12:46-48; Revelation 20:11-15). But, "those who do not know Christ are under the wrath of God, will perish, are eternally doomed and will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire (whether it's agreed on or not): hardly good news to those that reject Him!
If you reject His truth, you reject Him also, who IS truth. If we are to make our calling and election sure and not simply trust that "Jesus" and all His truth means the same to everyone without examination, then the offense of the Bible should be just to the, "unbelievers", but not to one who names His name as theirs. [whatever that ambiguous use of the name implies; words are pointless and misleading with clear, doctrinal definition.]

Why choose to be a savor of death? John 8:52, "He who keeps MY WORD, he will never taste of death."

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