Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To Them That Have Ears, Part 1

I humbly bring you another letter from my mother, friend, and elder Christian, who is duly concerned with the impoverished and undiscerning state of today's church and professing Christians. She was provoked to grief, and compelled by the Holy Spirit to write what was in her heart to say: and I present it to those who would be considerate enough to pause and listen.

When considering that saying yes to Christ/Christianity, necessarily means saying no to all other 'religions' (so called) our views on the world, sin, self, Satan, etc. will be radically transformed.
How is it even tenable for anyone to claim the name of Christ, and also make allowances for all the idolatrous proclamations being made seemingly in the name of God (by ECM/ so called "Christians"). Why shall we settle now for knowing nothing with certainty, or assurance? Our gracious God has spoken on the subject of our certainty and how we can claim it, know it--we can know! (Not everything) but all that is needed pertaining to life and godliness. We don't create meaning to God's words and we don't impose meanings on His words to soothe us. His meanings aren't hidden from His own, because we want His truth and desire to understand what He provides in His word. We don't live in the counsel of the ungodly (Psalm 1:1), because someone doesn't love the ideas of right/wrong, authoritative truth, absolutes... Because these same someones want to elevate autonomous self as the arbiter of life (which by the way isn't new, but the oldest scheme of Satan) for those who believe we need some new revelation now to guide us at this time--this approach is old as time (no pun intended). It's the same tired rant of the unsatisfied masses feasting on mud pies, passing them off as desirable manna. "Yea, hath God said...?" The verdict passed on answering that question wrongly echoes through the universe: God's universe. Don't relax your path, believers-our desire is the law of our Lord God/plus nothing added...ever. Shouldn't "He" be the outstanding evidence of faith-truth faith, not mere faith in faith-shouldn't we want to be known by this faith; not hiding it under a bushel, but exposed by the light, not comfortable in darkness? But fleeing it, renouncing it! There is/or should be such shame for any evangelical being openly found to be indulging such superficial treatment of this glorious gospel which has been hard fought, hard won, and hard kept. It's blood bought, and bathed in the humiliation, contempt of unworthy men for our marvelous Savior and God. And who dares make light of this? You think it can be dismissed because it doesn't help you exalt yourself? Because He tells you plainly who you are, and who He is, and what's the only way to be reconciled to Him, and why we need to be reconciled as well? It's just too much for you to take, so a bit of spin-doctoring will make it better?! And that should be an acceptable teaching, above our Lord's warning us not to ad or subtract from His words or God will add upon him the plagues recorded, Revelation 22:18-19? I don't see how that could be misunderstood. God is not the God of confusion.
He who gives warning and testifies to these things also affirms them; so how is it that now His word should be of no effect, but those determined to speak against His word should be trusted? You are deciding to be His enemy by betraying Him to His children, presenting a false doctrine, tickling people's ears rather than feeding them what they need-and this is a deliberate act of defiance, no matter how softly and enticingly it's presented. If it doesn't agree with God's word, which is the standard-it simply can't be right, or needed! So what are you hoping to accomplish by heaping more blindness on poor souls, already caught in an apathetic, ignorant philosophic anti-biblical worldview? How can any true believer be relieved of the responsibility to engage when so much is at stake?
Christ designed His church to be the pillar and support of the truth, 1st Timothy 3:15, but now (this culture's time) it's acceptable to not believe? The church is rapidly being swallowed up by culture, comfortable with not needing/regarding truth in it's churches. I know our Lord is not pleased with this Laodician compromising; not surprised, but definitely not pleased!
Our life was not designed to be led or fed by feelings and experiences. They have a place, to be sure, but not in any way to be looked to for establishing truth claims. We're not so much hateful of authority as we are enamored of striving to be authority. We're not the all-sufficient, and we hate knowing that. At the bottom of it all is the crumbling foundation of human effort, but I stand on the firm, unmovable, unchangeable word of God as found in the Bible. You should read it sometime, if He allows it, He talks to you still.
Espousing ideas against orthodoxy by couching man's thoughts in theological words is not only confusing but threatening to the souls Christ gave His all to save. It is heretical and delusional to offer any other version of the gospel, salvation, atonement, original sin, heaven and hell, that is anti-biblical. It fosters false assurance, false peace, imaginary hope (in self, of course).

"If anyone comes to you with any other doctrine...Galatians 1:8; Some will turn away from the faith (giving attention to deluding and seducing spirits, doctrines that demons teach)...1st Timothy 4:1; Matthew 15:9, they teach as doctrines the commands of men (so their worship is useless)."

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