Doctrinal Statement

#1: We believe that God is a Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit: three persons yet one being. All persons of the Trinity always act in concert; all are involved in the creation, government, and redemption of mankind.

#2: We believe that Jesus Christ is God incarnate; manifested to Israel as their Messiah, and Savior of the world, both Jew and Gentile in this church age.

#3: We believe that Jesus Christ, the Word of God, is the only way to be saved and have peace with God. Our Lord died for us, so that we might live unto righteousness, and unto God. Without Jesus Christ there can be no forgiveness of sin or reconciliation.

#4: We believe that the Bible is God's inerrant word in faith and practice; it is His only inspired word given through prophets and apostles and is the only standard and measure by which a Christian ought to live.

#5: We believe that the era for revelation concluded with John's vision of the Revelation. The Bible is the complete, inspired and singular word of God and further revelation is both heretical and unnecessary. Vision and prophecy in this regard are finished, having been made superfluous by the finished work of the Old and New Testaments. Within we find a single, cohesive revelation of God's character and purpose, and man's origin and destiny.

#6: We believe the local church is a body of saved individuals gathered together to employ their spiritual gifts and callings for the service of the saints, the evangelism of the lost, and to the glory of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ. We believe that the local church (the believers; not the building) is present for worship, fellowship and edification of other believers. We believe that Jesus Christ, through God the Holy Spirit, is the true and only Head of the Church; all Christians are brothers and equals, being saints and priests to God.

#7: We believe that all one must do to be saved is believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ died for our sins, according to scripture, was buried, and rose again the third day according to scripture. One must place their faith in Jesus, and trust in His promise that what He is capable of giving us (eternal life) through faith we will receive.

#8: We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells and seals the one who hears and believes the gospel, thereby making them a member of the church, and ensuring their salvation (eternal security).

#9: We believe that the Lord's Supper ought to be observed and commemorated when believers gather together; but it is purely symbolic. It is a memorial of the Lord's triumphant death, and is not a means of earning grace, mercy, or salvation.

#10: We believe that new believers ought to be baptized, should they consent. We believe the "believer's baptism" is scriptural, and that immersion is the traditional method of baptism. Baptism does not convey any grace, mercy, or salvation to the one receiving it. We also believe that observing the Lord's Supper and being baptized upon believing the gospel are commanded by our Lord and therefore it is our privilege and duty to obey what has been commanded.

#11: We believe that salvation is purely by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, divorced of all merit, effort, or right. We believe that God offers salvation to all, and this gift is on the basis of God's justice, love and mercy toward fallen man. Man may refuse this gift, but will remain under God's wrath, and meet our Lord not as Savior, but as Judge.

#12: We believe in the reality of a literal Hell where the unsaved go upon dying. We believe the lost (those who do not accept the gospel of Jesus Christ) will people this place of spiritual torment, and they eventually will enter the Lake of Fire for eternity to suffer separation from God forever. Satan and his demons will suffer this same fate. Likewise, we believe there is a literal "Heaven", the third heaven Paul mentions in Scripture as the throne of God, the dwelling place of angels, and the resting place of the departed souls of just men made perfect. It is a place where the soul goes upon dying, having trusted in Jesus Christ as Savior, and it is there we shall exist in conscious, blissful union and fellowship with our Triune God forever.

#13: We believe in what is entitled "the Great Commission." All believers should evangelize the lost; none are excluded from this call. It was our Lord's final great command upon His ascension.

#14: We believe Israel is not cast off; Christ will return for His people, and they shall dwell in Canaan under His reign during the thousand years. This will occur after a Pre-Tribulation Rapture when our Lord catches His saints (the church) up in the air before visiting the Christ-rejecting world with 7 years of judgments. Then Israel will be restored and saved (physically) and shall be the point of human contact between God and the world, as it was prior to the advent of Jesus Christ.
All Scripture is taken from the King James Bible (KJV) or New King James Bible (NKJV). Copyright 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.