Sunday, August 12, 2012

Prayer Request for a Troubled Couple

I have recently returned from fellowship today and learned that a sister in Christ who does not live in the immediate area is suffering, and her name and plight were brought before the body to offer prayers to God on her behalf.
They are both believers of quite a count of years with seven children; three of them are either married or going to be married, while a fourth is college bound. Only three remain at home. Sufficed to say, they have been married for a long while. Recently there was a bout of infidelity from the husband that has severely damaged his wife, and she has unfortunately taken to chemical abuse in an effort to escape the reality of the situation.

These brethren desperately need our prayers and support right now, so I ask my fellow believers to lift them up to the Lord and ask Him to grant His wisdom and mercy on them both; to the husband to repent of his sin and to restore their union, and for his wife to look not to chemicals but to her Savior for the comfort He promises to provide to the hurting souls that come under the shadow of His wings.

This is a delicate subject and post for me. I dearly love some of those who have felt the ripples from this chain of events. It is terrible to see fellow Christians suffering from the misery sin inflicts on us, even when that misery is self-induced. Pray for them please, and intercede on their behalf that God may grant them grace to overcome by Christ, through whom we can do all things. In Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. So many today are in similar positions today, and as you point out, often it is aggravated by a sinful response to the sin of others. So often the we have failed to teach people what their response should be. it is sad, and I will pray for them.

  2. Thanks for the prayer, Donald. It was heartbreaking to listen to this testimony.


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