Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Third Year in Review

Well it seems that my blog has reached its third year of life, so to speak. Where to begin with the reflections about how the last year has treated me as a husband, father, worker, and most importantly, a Christian? Our newest arrival, Gabriel Benjamin, will be one year old very shortly. It's been a quick year with three little ones running amok and getting into all manner of mischief.

Our girls are almost three and are talking with intelligible speech, running horrifyingly swiftly, and being more charming than daddy has the capacity to withstand. Our little boy is a maniac (in a good way) already revealing to Gillian and myself the vast difference between rearing little girls and little boys.

My wife has gone back to work part time out of necessity's sake; and I have moved on from my comfortable  pasture as an assistant manager to finally taking over the management of a Subway store at the Miller Hill Mall here in Duluth. I've been there nearly eight months and it has been a great learning experience.

We recently survived heavy rain and flash floods earlier this month. The mall lost power for two days, many roads washed out and collapsed from liquefaction, and parts of Duluth were completely submerged in water; portions of the city still are, in fact. My step-father's parents had to be evacuated from their home, which had water in it halfway up their first floor. A local church opened its doors to be a shelter for the temporarily homeless that had been chased out from the flooding.

I'm on the verge of publishing The Canticles of Andurun: Dragonmarch, which is book two in my fantasy series. I will be publishing an ebook and a soft cover novel through Amazon this summer, as well as a second edition for Dragonsong on soft cover. If you wish to know more about Andurun and my novels you can find The Canticles of Andurun on Facebook or visit andurun.blogspot.com.

I've grown sporadically as a Christian, learning some things, un-learning others, and becoming more adamant in my beliefs and the need to defend the Christian faith with wise and careful words. I have determined that I am a staunch opponent to the teachings of works salvation, infant baptism/baptismal regeneration, liberal theology, conditional salvation, and the misapplication of Scripture to forward unbiblical theology. Such a stand came this last year when I reasoned with a gentleman and fellow Christian named Alex, who taught some peculiar doctrines regarding women. I grieve over our debate because I had to sever myself from conversing with him; I care for him and pray for him still.

I have been able to share my faith numerous times with co-workers and engage them in a discussions about Christ, the Bible and the need to be saved; I also had the privilege of dispelling many misconceptions they had regarding Christianity. It has been a true spiritual blessing to me to be used in any capacity.

Finally, I have grappled with sin. I know precisely what God meant when He warned Cain to master his sin, lest it crouch at the door, waiting for me. The flesh is weak, Jesus warns. I have been struggling with the sin of lust since my youth, and it has been a sin that God in His mercy freed me from when I returned to Jesus, but it rears its head as often as it can, and I find myself in moments of weakness having to guard my eyes, my heart and my thoughts, lest I sin against God, my flesh and my wife whom I love. Lately the battle has intensified and sometimes rages, and I feel like I am under spiritual attack. Gillian is well aware of this, and has been a magnificent help to me, and I welcome the prayers of fellow Christians who would intercede to keep my ministry and daily moral life free from sin's influence.

There we have it: my trials, changes, family, weaknesses, successes, and perhaps a little more. I would like to extend a thank you to both Donald and Lloyd who have been constant friends in Christ for some while now; I appreciate your ministry and comments. I pray that God continues to use you for His glory.

Until next year, God willing that my blog endures, we shall see where God has led me. I pray that my blog is edifying to all who come, and it helps you in any way to draw near to God and the salvation He offers freely in Jesus Christ. God bless.


  1. I appreciate your friendship as well. It has been enjoyable to observe the maturating of your writing and teaching over the time you've had the blog.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes I reflect and feel like I've made zero progress; other times I marvel at where I was a mere year ago.


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