Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prayer Request for Michael and Ashley

A co-worker of mine came to work earlier this last week with very bad news: her boyfriend had been in an accidedent during a snowstorm we had last Wednesday. His name is Michael, and while he was being driven by his friend they rolled the car. Michael suffered a broken clavicle, sternum, four broken ribs, a punctured lung, a sprained wrist, as well as other injuries, and he needed surgery.

Michael was the chief bread winner for Ashley and himself, having a job that requires heavy lifting quite frequently. While Michael is assured that job when he is well, it is going to be at least two months before he can return to the job in question, while Ashley's income is derived solely from her part-time work at Subway; she is also a full-time college student.

While insurance will likely cover medical expenses, Ashley now faces rent bills, auto payments, utilities, groceries, and other bills that far exceed what she makes bi-weekly. This is coupled with a routine that will require working, going to school, and caring for Michael during his infirmity since he will be immobile and relatively incapable of helping himself for some unknown time. She is filled with anxiety over pressing money matters and the lingering question of how well Michael will recover.

Ashley and Michael are not Christians, and do not have the assurance and hope of knowing Jesus as their personal Savior, but I asked if she would like us to pray for her. So here is their plight, and I ask that you pray as God the Holy Spirit leads you to; pray not only for Michael's safety and some meaure of comfort for their financial troubles, but for their mutual salvation in light of Michael's unsavory brush with death. My thanks to those who lift up Michael and Ashley in their prayers and demonstrate Christ's love toward them.

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