Friday, October 28, 2011

Understand the Times Prayer Request

This prayer request was sent to me via email from Understand The Times International; the organization that Roger Oakland heads, if you know the name. He is a minister, speaker and author who penned books such as Another Jesus? regarding the Eucharist. I am a prayer supporter of his ministry and as such bring forth his prayer requests to my fellow Christians. I hope you will hold Mr. Oakland up in your prayers.

The purpose of this prayer  update is let our prayer partners know about some challenges that Understand  The Times is facing and to ask you to pray for direction and protection from  those who are fully committed to destroy the ministry we have been called to  at this time.
Please pray for the  following:

 1.Our upcoming trip to Durban South Africa and Kenya as we come along  side Bible believing Christians to encourage them to share the gospel and  stand up against apostasy. I will be leaving November 8 and returning  November 21. I have not traveled this far alone since my illness two years  ago.

 2.Please prayer for the support for poor and orphaned children in  Myanmar. Since we have taken a strong and bold position against apostasy  here in North America (especially exposing the ecumenical nature of Calvary  Chapel) many of our former supporters with Calvary Chapel connections have  discontinued their support for orphans in order to attack the ministry of  Understand The Times.

 3.I will be speaking at a conference in Regina, Saskatchewan October  21-23. Pray that God would give me the boldness to say what he has placed on  my heart, in love.

 4.We have received threats and slanderous accusations from men we once  considered to be our brothers in the Lord. These lies have been spread  around the world in an attempt to destroy the ministry of Understand The  Times. Pray that we would keep our eyes on Jesus and that evil would be  exposed by the light of the Word of God.

 5.Pray for our newly established School of Discipleship in Yangon and  the outreach there to reach the Buddhist community.

 6.Pray for the upcoming conferences to be held in Manila and Yangon in  February of 2012.

 7.I will be speaking at three Independent Baptist Churches in the New  York City area in December dealing with the topic of apostasy. God is  opening new doors while doors that were open for over two decades are now  being slammed shut.

Thank you for your  willingness to partner with us by praying.

Sincerely In Christ,
Roger Oakland          

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  1. Dear Ian, I will join in prayer for Mr. Oakland and his ministry. Apostasy is rampant -- yet another sign of the End Times -- and we should support those who preach against it.
    God bless you and your ministry!


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