Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Testimony at Living Stones

My interview with Living Stones News has arrived,where I share my story about my writing,my faith,and my long walk away from God. I spent a good many years pretending at being a follower of Jesus Christ,fully convinced that a hollow proffession of faith was the only entrance fee required. I had no interest in God,Christ,the Bible or other believers. Everything that Scripture said would become a new love for me in this new life did not; I bore no spiritual fruit.

My writing and my lifestyle were dark,and the worst of it are thing kept between my God and myself;things that He suffered me to endure and learn from. My writing is part of my witness,and I pray to God that my daily life is the better part of that witness,so it can be said of me that no one thinks me to be more than he sees or hears from me. I only hope that what believers and unbelievers alike see in me is a life saved by the Son of God.

To Christ my Lord I give the glory,who bore with me these many years and gave me a wonderful gift that I used to advance doctrines of demons. If you want to read more about my testimony and back story,follow the link to Living Stones News. I am grateful for their willingness to publish my testimony,and I pray that others (parents) find this information useful. Contact me via email if anyone has further questions regarding the subject matter.

Read the Article at Living Stones


  1. Unfortunately, your experience is all too common in our day, with people only making a half-hearted commitment to Christ. Praise God you eventually made a full commitment. As Hebrews 6:4-6 points out those who ultimately reject it are in serious trouble. Satan is using so many things like D&D to turn people away.

  2. Excellent story and testimony, Ian! Praise God that He delivered you from the occult and dark side into His light. Our late pastor was saved at age 6, but as a teen and young man began to drift further and further away from the Lord until he was involved in a fatal car accident taking the lives of 2 of his friends. This was his wake-up call to turn his life over to Christ, and God used him mightily until his death from lung cancer at age 40. Sometimes God can get the attention of His children who stray with a gentle whisper; sometimes He smacks them on the head with a 2 x 4, so to speak -- whatever it takes. May we be Spirit-led moment to moment so that He will not have to resort to extreme measures to remind us of His presence.


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