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A Basis for Faith and Morality, Part 4 of 4

Love, and other abstract qualities find their meaning (both by definition and implementation) in the Biblical account. By contrast, Evolutionary thinking so permeates someone’s mind to the point where they give no regard to the powerful and devastating implications it carries. Abortion is certainly in line with Evolutionary thought, though many atheists/Evolutionists find abortion repugnant.

Planned Parenthood is the offspring of eugenics, the brainchild of evolutionary thought taken into practice. Eugenics, an evolutionary science that was occupied with trimming the human genetic tree for better results, sterilized unwanted gene donors in an effort to strengthen our gene pool. Hitler and Nazi Germany took up the war cry of survival of the fittest and natural selection with a vengeance, eliminating Jews in their bid to erect the perfect race of men. Darwin was extremely racist, perhaps largely due to his beliefs on Evolution and the origin of various “species” of men; again racism as well as abortion finds a happy home in the haven of Evolution. If some men ascended from certain types of apes, and some from others, then all men are not equal; they did not have access to the same genetic material, so to speak. White men were apparently supreme, so it generally went. The philosopher Nieztche was also a large influence on Hitler; another devout atheist.

Love holds no natural place in a world bereft of transcendental values. Love is a term given to a mutable aberration that men have felt for unknown reasons since time immemorial. Since no authority may define love (or any other term, such as beauty, goodness, truth, evil, pride, etc) men are free to fill this term with anything they wish. A husband may love his wife; a serial rapist may love his next victim. There is no arbiter set up to define love, therefore there is no way to justify saying the husband’s love is genuine, while the rapist’s is not. While the atheist may agree that rape is a crime, they are morally powerless to rebuke the rapist’s motives; there is no higher authority than the individual in this scenario to determine what is right or wrong with one’s behavior or thinking. Law systems may be devised, but only for the safety of the commonwealth, not necessarily to determine what is good and evil in any absolute sense. Relativism goes hand in hand with atheism since absolutes belong to one who first defines them in clear terms and sets them against opposites. Take truth, for instance. If something is true, the opposite is false. We accept this blindly in math and certain sciences; why do we not accept this when it comes to moral behavior? Is the atheist playing the hypocrite?

To say “I love you” to someone becomes an exercise in futility if we accept the terms of relativism. What means love to some will not mean the same to others, and some may disbelieve there is such a thing as love. Here we have moral consistency if an atheist rejects the existence of love. Freedom to redefine love has emptied love of the significance it once possessed. The same can be said for right and wrong. When you tell someone that something “is right for you, but not for me” what you are telling them is that there is no such thing as “right.” Right, or truth, does not exist of itself; it is at the mercy of every individual who, on their own personal basis, defines moral truth and molds it to fit their life. Our society is sinking beneath the surface because we have become unable to correct anyone about anything, since correction is unnecessary; there is no such thing as wrong!

Genuine love would do no harm to another. True love would have another’s welfare in mind. Real love demonstrates a selfless quality that others find admirable. Contrast this to the random, chaotic eruption of chemical, material life Evolution spawned. How is this (and any other noble, abstract quality mankind admires in others) compatible with Evolution’s picture of reality? Natural selection ought to have done away with this behavior long ago. Hitler, who most people deplore as a wicked despot, was behaving in alignment with the rules of Evolutionary theory; he ought to have been applauded by its proponents for being bold enough to live in a way that Darwin boasted that existence operated. Instead he is looked upon as evil; but evil is not a term relativism can make use of, so we have even atheists making absolute moral judgments. Hitler’s actions were the opposite of love.

Faith, hope, and love need an object to relate to. Every day we demonstrate to greater or lesser degrees, these three things. We have faith our alarm clock will go off, our car will start, we’ll still have a job, we’ll interact with family or friends. We hope the weather is nice, that we’ll sleep well, that we’ll have a good meal, an easy day at work, that we don’t forget anything important. We love family, friends, pets, things. Note: all of these things, every one of them, can and will eventually fail you. Faith in any created thing will suffer disappointment; hope is anticipation, and anticipation that sours due to circumstance or poor planning is bitter. Love is not always shared by another; human love sometimes grows cold or is neglected. Sometimes we hate one another instead.

Eventually there will come a time when each one of us will ultimately have to decide the great questions of life: what am I here for? Where did I come from, and where am I going? God and Evolution both offer answers. God says: you are here because He created you. You came from Him, and one way or another, you are returning to Him. If saved, you will spend eternity in Heaven as a redeemed child of God; if unsaved you will spend eternity in Hell, suffering eternal separation from God, which is the second death. The first death is that you are separated from God due to your sins to begin with; which is why each one of us needs the life that is in Christ. Evolution says: you are here by accident; your life has no ultimate meaning. You are so many chemical components that happened by dumb chance to obtain consciousness, and you are heading to the grave where your body will dissolve back into its chemical components, and your brain (which is where all of your personality resides) will shut off; you will “go out” as if you never existed.

Where does mankind’s innate capacity for faith, hope, and love originate? Concepts that go beyond the physical realm Evolution and atheism have no real answer for. They must remain speechless, because transcendental values do not exist and immaterial, moral values are not truly real. They are the result of society’s pre-programming of our minds. Yet as we travel back into man’s past, they had to have a beginning somewhere. Reconsider Genesis: “In the beginning, God…” God bless.

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  1. I also find it interesting that people who insist on evolution cannot picture life based on evolutionary standards. The Bible teaches that man was created in the image of God in righteousness and true holiness, and that Christ restores that image to it's proper state.

    Our idea of normal is pretty far from what normal should be. We're like somebody who gets used to a car running poorly and accepts it as normal, not realizing how bad it is.


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