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Conflicts in Genesis

Evolution is just one of many ways of trying to explain our existence without a Creator (Charles Darwin simply updated a very old belief with some scientific-sounding words). Mankind has been trying to explain life-without-a-creator for thousands of years and none of this caught God by surprise. Since God created our minds He knows how we think; and how we will think when we separate ourselves from Him. God wants us to believe He is our Creator but will not force us. Romans 1:20 tells us that God provided the physical creation so that we could “clearly see” His invisible attributes by looking at what He made.

We live in a world full of competing ideas—ideas that can turn us away from God by making us believe the Bible, starting on page one, is full of errors. Man-made ideas about where we came from have a common theme—when people turn away from God usually some form of evolution enters into their thinking. John 3:19 gives us a clue as to why this is so.

Did God use evolution to make us? No. He could have, but the Bible makes it clear that He did not. Why? Well, one reason is that if God used evolution then people would have a hard time “seeing” the real God mixed in among so many false, man-made, competing ideas.

God could have made us any way He wanted. The way He chose (as recorded in Genesis) however, is exactly opposite to the beliefs about how evolution happened. In doing so, God gave us a very clear choice to make—His way or man’s way. The following chart will help you see how different Creation is from evolution.

                 Creation (from Genesis) Vs. Evolution
Cool (liquid) water (1:2)/ Hot, exploding gas
Earth created first (1:2, 16)/sun first
Plants created first—on land (1:11)/ single cell chances out of “pre-biotic ocean”
Plants and animals created fully functioning/slow process of development
Created “each according to their kind”/one thing formed from another
Plants created before the sun (1:11, 16)/plants evolved after the sun
Birds created before dinosaurs (1:21, 24)/dinosaurs evolved into birds
Man created from the dust of the earth (2:7)/man from common ancestor of apes
Woman created directly from man (2:22)/parallel evolution
Mankind: male and female from the beginning/ no clue how life split into male/female
God completed His work (2:2)/evolution continues today
Death is an intrusion in a perfect creation/ death is a normal function*
Man starts out building cities (4:17)/man starts out in caves
Man ends up in caves (Rev. 6:15)/man gets progressively more advanced
Music at the beginning (4:21)/music is a relatively recent invention
Bronze craftsman at the beginning (4:22)/metal working is a relatively recent invention
Creator/creature separate and distinct/paganism, “great chain of being”

I leave the reader with these final and, I pray, sobering comments about the casual acceptance of Evolution, theistic evolution, or any derivative:

*”If Evolution happened, then death was widespread before man evolved. But if death preceded man and was not a result of Adam’s sin, then sin is a fiction. If sin is a fiction, then we do not need a Savior,” quoted from Walt Brown’s “In the Beginning

“If God is not limited in power and could have created the world, if He has given man a record of what He did, and if the scientific evidence does not contradict it, then what prevents you from believing it actually happened?” Ibid

“Christianity has fought, still fights, and will fight science to the desperate end over evolution, because evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason Jesus’ earthly life was supposedly made necessary. Destroy Adam and Eve and the original sin, and in the rubble you will find the sorry remains of the son of god. Take away the meaning of his death. If Jesus was not the redeemer who died for our sins, and this is what evolution means, then Christianity is nothing!” G. Richard Bozarth, excerpt from “The American Atheist

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  1. Something I have always wondered is how one can believe in evolution if the single cell had nothing to eat? Biblical creation gives a logical order. Creation is one of those "Science, falsly so called," situations. Real science does not support it. In old age, darwin himself said that his conclusions at nineteen did not fit with his observations over the next forty years or s.

    Great post.


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