Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Myth of Evolution

The following chart will help you better understand the weakness of evidence used to convince people that Darwinian evolution actually happened. We do observe changes in living things, but what caused those changes and what do they mean?

Science tells us that re-shuffling of or losing (through mutation) genetic information is what causes the physical differences we see in living things. These small differences are called "micro-evolution" and result in, for example, different breeds of animals of the same kind, like dogs and wolves.

For Darwinian evolution to be true, however, big changes had to occur and that is called "macro-evolution." "Macro-evolution" describes changes that would result in different kinds of living things, like dinosaurs changing into birds. This type of evolution has never been observed in the fossil record, nor is it seen happening today.

"Micro-evolution" does happen today and is observed in the fossil record--this is consistent with the Bible. Unforunately, evidence that comes from "micro-evolution" is used to convince people that "macro-evolution" happened. That evidence has been misinterpreted.

Evolutionists believe that, with enough time, the little changes will add up to big changes and make new things of living things. But that is not how it works. "Genetically speaking" this is like believing if you 'break-even' or lose money every time you sell something, you will eventually become a millionaire. That just doesn't make any sense.

Remember, creationists and evolutionists have the same evidence--we just interpret it differently. So, the next time you are shown evidence for evolution, ask yourself this question, "Does this evidence demonstrate "micro-" or "macro-" evolution?"

Micro-Evolution Vs. Macro-Evolution
Darwin observed this on the Galapagos Islands                                            
Darwin believed this, but had no evidence

Mendel observed this in his laboratory              
Mendel demonstrated this could not happen

Small changes occur, but within limits; changes in color, hair length, beak size, etc                    
Requires unlimited, major changes; new body plans, organ systems, etc

Changes occur in pre-existing living things           
Life came from non-living chemicals

We observe this today, for example, in dogs      
This has never been observed

Pre-existing genetic information: shuffled or lost; natural/artificial selection (breeding)      
Requires new genetic information to be selected out by natural selection

Mutations occur, but they are neutral or actually reduce genetic information                                
Mutations must increase genetic information; this has never been observed

Occasionally mutations produce a survival benefit that comes from a loss of something                   
Over millions of years, information-losing mutations will make something new (what?)



For more information, read "In the Beginning" by Walt Brown.

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  1. Great post, Ian.

    The facts are the same whether one is a creationist or an evolutionist. We tend to filter those facts and reject any that do not fit our preconceived ideas. Intellectual honesty requires that one examine their own position for flaws, by reviewing the evidence for contradictions. This frequently requires going against the accepted view. that is not popular in our day.


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