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The Canticles of Andurun Has Arrived!

After eight months of correspondence with Strategic Publishing, the Canticles of Andurun Book One: Dragonsong, has finally seen the light of day as of December 28th, 2010. Dragonsong is the first book in a seven book series that tells the tale of a mythical realm named Andurun; and more precisely a continent on this realm known as Kallendaros. In this story the Race of Humans have been brought into subjection by the Dragons. They are fierce and brilliant creatures that were awakened out of the earth by God to punish Humanity for their willful rejection of Him and their constant striving after other gods. For two hundred years, following the fall of their formerly glorious kingdom, Humanity has groaned beneath the burden of the Dragons’ tyranny.

Yet God (in my story He is called the One, or One God) does not leave them without a thread of hope. Ancient prophets foretold of a warrior-king who would be born in the north, and would hail from a mundane lineage. He would come to trample the Dragons beneath his heels and set up a kingdom that would endure until the time of He Whose Right It Is. This young northern man would be the ancestor of the Messiah, and would be a deliverer of his people.

The story involves a clash between two factions of men: those who have capitulated to the will of the Dragons, and those who ardently resist with the hopes that they can be delivered from their oppressive yoke. The main character, Justias Eventine, falls into the latter portion, yet for selfish and childish reasons. When events occur that grant him his chance to escape the fate of subjection, he finds that he must choose between his own will and desires, or following God’s will.

The story is ultimately a clash not only between good and evil men, but a more cosmic struggle between our omnipotent God and our adversary, the Devil (known in my books as Azmodal). Book one is part of a trilogy that takes the reader through the trials and tribulations of Justias Eventine as he learns what faith and obedience truly entail. There are villains aplenty and twists and turns galore, with mighty battles and (what I hope) contemplative theology sprinkled throughout. But try not to read too deeply into Andurun. Though I have written this series to God’s glory so that believers might find some edification and enjoyment, and unbelievers might find a well-told tale with thoughts to ponder, this is not a theological treatise. Nor was it meant to be.

Andurun has been a writing habit of mine for about ten years now, and before I began to work on Dragonsong I was involved in making notes about lands, peoples, languages, monsters (this is a mythical realm!) and so much more. Hundreds of pages were devoted to laying down a foundation to this work before I began writing one page, and much has changed since its inception; since I was not a spiritual Christian when I began writing this novel. I was very much living for self, and the story was merely an attempt to gratify my desire to write good fiction. Now I am in fellowship with my God again, I wish that this novel would glorify Christ my Lord.

It has been a long eight months of interchange with Strategic. I have learned much about what it takes to publish and promote a book; it has been a surprise around every turn, to say the least! My wife has done the cover art for it, edited the book (demonstrating very much patience, mostly by bearing with me!), and always listened to my ideas about writing, offering input or just being there to hear me out. She has been a wonderful contributor to this labor of love.

The Canticles of Andurun is available at Amazon, and you may find it if you click the link to my Author Page on Strategic Publishing’s website. It should also be available at Barnes and Noble shortly, if it is not already. And for anyone who likes fantasy, and enjoys my book, I now have a Facebook account up and running by the same name as the series. But you will have to bear with me; I am new to Facebook, and I’m still learning how it essentially functions. When there is anything to know about my writing, I will post it there, since I do not wish to saturate my Blog with too much regarding my fictional work.

Oh, and for anyone interested I have supplied a pair of links to former posts that tell about my inspiration for Andurun, and what events in my life led me to it, and back to the Lord. These posts also comprise the introduction to Dragonsong, so readers can learn a little about me before delving into my fictional realm.

May God bless this novel, and may it bring Him glory; and to you, my friends and readers, may you be edified and may you simply enjoy Andurun. It has been a long time coming, and God be praised that the day has arrived.

If you are a reader, and have feedback for me concerning my book, you may certainly post it on my Facebook account, or email me at Good or bad, praise or criticism, I welcome the chance to grow both as an author and as a Christian. I look forward to publishing the next six volumes of Andurun (I am currently writing book five; yes, books two through four are finished). I have gathered the links below for your convenience. Keep us in your prayers, Ian and Gillian.

These first two links will remain to the right on my Blog’s main page, above my profile. The third link is my gmail address, which is also available if you look at my complete profile.

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These links provide my Publisher’s website, along with places (other than my Author Page) to purchase a copy of Dragonsong. Dragonsong is also available on Kindle at!

Strategic Publishing’s Website

These two links comprise my book’s introduction, and give the reader some personal information about me, my inspiration, and my manifold blunders. Self-deprecation is healthy, I am told.

A Writer’s Journey, Part 1


  1. It'll be interesting to see how God uses your book. I've had a little experience with getting peoples work published, and understand a little of what the difficulties are. Congratulations.

  2. Absolutely captivating. It will keep readers spellbound until the last page. He will make you feel the characters; understand the plight of the hero, loath the villain, and believe in the imposable

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    Thanks for the mail, and thanks for visiting my blog.

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    Psalm 91 to you and your family
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