Friday, August 20, 2010

Evolution's Religion

Is Evolution a religion?

I pose the question due to the fact that so many proponents of Evolution label followers of ID (Intelligent Design) as religious. ID, in case you are unfamiliar with it, assumes the presence and guidance of a rational mind that was the causation of organic life. The argument, broken down simply, goes like this: since it is nigh inconceivable that inorganic matter spawned organic life, and that non-intelligent blind chance and chemical processes produced intelligent coded information, Evolution has failed to explain the origin of life. Evolution cannot even take its first step, really. A hypothetical "cosmic egg" was said to have contained the elements of the universe within it, and then it exploded or "hatched" perhaps, and the universe went rushing outward, and has been rushing outward since. The Big Bang is what this theory is called.

Where did the "cosmic egg" come from? How could the organized universe emerge from undirected chemical processes? How could non-living, inorganic matter directed by unthinking chance, produce organic life? How could our cells be wrought with so much encoded information that it dwarfs the imagination? How could information-specific coding arise without intelligent direction? Yet Evolutionists who spurn ID do not tend to do so due to its lack of explantory power, but because ID's premise assumes an active intelligence prior to the introduction of the universe. Note that ID does not claim to know what this intelligence is; only that organic life is best explained as the outcome of intellgent causation. So, it seems that ID is spurned as unscientific because it dares to suggest something or someone behind the foundation of life. Evolutionists hear "God" when they listen to proponents of ID explain their theory.

The question I pose is: why the bias? So what if ID implies a Designer, or a Creator? Isn't science supposed to be an unbiased pursuit of knowledge, collectively gathered so man might better understand the universe and himself? Evolutionists tend to ignore the implications of their own theory. It too, is pregnant with religious ideas that are ripe for Humanistic doctrine. Is ID jeopardizing scientific integrity? Or are those smitten with Evolution enraged that their religion is under attack?

Adolf Hitler was a wonderful demonstration of Evolution's doctrine brought to fruition. His efforts to exterminate the Jews were guided by Evolutionary concepts of culling the genetic tree of waste, so to speak. Eugenics was another fruit of Evolution, as doctors sought to sterilize thousands of people who they deemed were innapropriate for breeding further. Socialism is Evolution brought into politics, with its doctrine having born fruit in Nazi Germany, as well as Communist Russia and China. Evolution, acknowledged by many of those who embrace it as a truth claim, does away with abstracts such as right, wrong and morality. Many do not consider that if man is one cosmic accident of many preceding accidents, our thoughts, hopes, aspirations, emotions, are illusions. Nothing abstract matters, because physical, chemical processes randomly at work via natural selection guide our culture, nations, and advancement as a race; they alone define reality. There is no room in Darwin's world for love, hate, hope, joy, anger, etc. These are learned conditions at best that hold no genuine value, because life has no value; you are an accident of many accidents; as are the words you're presently reading, as is the debate as to Evolution's truth claim.

ID, while postulating intelligent causation, presents hope. If there was a Designer, there is a purpose for us being here. If organic life, indeed all the universe, was designed and implimented at the hand of a Designer, then there was a reason, and such a mind that was capable of doing this would not have left intelligent beings (us) without means of finding and understanding a vital question: why? Strict Evolututionary doctrine would have to annex the question; there is no "why," you simply are, and when you die you are gone. Civilization, and the morality that molded it is an invention of men that is either evolving with man, or is contrary to Evolution's blind purposes. Love, charity, etc. are weaknesses that natural selection should ferret out, since such imagined emotions have been the death of many people. Granted, many people who cleave to Evolution don't think or believe this way; perhaps they have never considered the ultimate outcome of the religious system they have adopted.

ID presents a Designer back of all the universe. Evolution cannot, as I said, take its first step. It cannot hope to explain where the universe and organic life first originated. A theory that has no solid foundation is a theory that cannot support itself. Nor can it sufficiently answer the claims ID makes about many questions concerning life, and its appearance of design. When something looks designed, and acts designed, why does the otherwise rational man run the opposite of a common-sense conclusion and state that it is chance plus time working by unthinking processes? In the end it is still Adam hiding from his Maker, sewing on fig leaves in an effort to conceal his nakedness.

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